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  • Malavika Prasad

    Malavika Prasad

    Lawyer, studying the gulf between the Constitution of India & the constitution of India

  • Divyansha Sehgal

    Divyansha Sehgal

    Cornell’18. Thinking about technology, ethics, policy and society

  • Karolina Iwańska

    Karolina Iwańska

    Mozilla EU Tech Policy Fellow working on policy around targeted advertising

  • Graham Moore

    Graham Moore

    Writer of THE IMITATION GAME, THE LAST DAYS OF NIGHT, THE SHERLOCKIAN. Resting ennui face. www.mrgrahammoore.com

  • Subhashish Bhadra

    Subhashish Bhadra

    Principal, Omidyar Network. Rhodes Scholar, Stephanian. Investing in privacy and good ID. Researching on economics of data. Photo By: Access Ventures.

  • Shweta


    I explain Intellectual Property Rights issues in the only way I know how to - with pop culture references.

  • Matthew Schafer

    Matthew Schafer

    Media Lawyer. Adjunct Professor/Mass Media Law at Fordham University School of Law. Twitter @MatthewSchafer

  • Zainab Bawa

    Zainab Bawa

    CEO and co-founder @HasGeek. Long distance runner in every aspect of life. I am building an organization that outlives me.

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